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Complex partial nephrectomy with calyceal closure and intrarenal suture

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The LARCG (Latin American Renal Cancer Group) is a group of scientific and educational, multicentric, multidisciplinary and independent. It is not for profit, and the term of operation is indeterminate. It consists of Urologists, Pathologists and Oncologists, as well as professionals and researchers related to the field of health, belonging to Hospitals in Latin America, Spain and the United States.

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Thanks the pre lauching of World Kidney Cancer Day in Brazil /LATAM @larcg_org @advocatekidneys @IKCCorg @advocatekidneys @EJonasch @KidneyCancerDoc @montypal @nolazcomd Diego Abreu, Ignacio Tobia, Francisco Covarrubias, @Oncoguia @iEspacodeVida @bmsadvocacy @acccancercenter

At great dinner, a picture of the “ foudation” of IKCC Uruguay & IKCC f Argentina afilliateds, @advocatekidneys @nolazcomd @larcg_org @kidneycan @IKCCorg , good food, wine and friendship!!

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